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Here’s something I’ve been noticing in my cultural research of South Korea:

It seems that they have much higher expectations of their celebrities. I may even go so far as saying they may be a little over-expectant, though I think that expecting too much from celebrities is better than the near-negative volume of expectations we have for ours. Though even with that there are limits.

I’ve come across two instances of their celebrities being treated… well, one appropriately, and the other, in my opinion, far too harshly.

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The internet is awesome.

I was curious what I can expect from South Korean culture so I decided to look up some of the local music. Highly impressed.

So before this the extent of my South Korean exposure was the film Oldboy (Soooooo good… as long as you turn it off15 minutes before the end…) and the occasional episode of M.A.S.H..

(Farther, you know you’ve never seen a full episode of M.A.S.H….)

Well… Ok, whatever. One movie is the limit of my cultural exposure to the country. There. You happy?

(Are you sad?)

…a little…

(Then I’m happy.)


Anyway, I decided to do a little research on some of the popular music in the country and was happily surprised by some serious talent. Here’s a taste with accompanying YouTube videos after the jump.

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The Spectrum

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