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Here’s something I’ve been noticing in my cultural research of South Korea:

It seems that they have much higher expectations of their celebrities. I may even go so far as saying they may be a little over-expectant, though I think that expecting too much from celebrities is better than the near-negative volume of expectations we have for ours. Though even with that there are limits.

I’ve come across two instances of their celebrities being treated… well, one appropriately, and the other, in my opinion, far too harshly.

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This is my first post… Well, I guess that’s obvious…

(Seriously, Farther? That’s how you’re going to introduce yourself? “Hi! I plan on offering absolutely zero insight in the blog!” Genius…)

What I mean is… Oh, where was I?

(You’re a failure… I’m embarrassed to be your sub-conscience.)

I’ll just start over.

My name is Farther. In three months me and my daughter will be moving to Osan, South Korea. I am learning basic etiquete and customs as well as basics in the Korean language. My daughter is only 2.5 years old so she will get most things through experience. But I’m determined to have “Ahn-Nyeong Hah-Seh-Yo” be part of her lexicon before we get there, at the very least. She’s getting close.

I plan on using this Blog to share all of my experiences preparing for my move and also all of my experiences actually living there. Hopefully, this Blog will be able to help myself, my daughter and my readers.

I also plan on connecting some of these posts with an accompanying Vlog on YouTube.

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