Hi! My name is Farther.

In August 2011 I’m moving from the United States to South Korea with my daughter, Little Miss.

This blog, coupled with my YouTube channel, will detail our adventures in parenting, learning a new culture and language and other varied and random experiences.

My original inspiration to start this blog stemmed from my preparatory research into South Korea. I like to know as much as possible about new things before experiencing them and realized that, of the wide menagerie of questions I had, there was only one I couldn’t seem to find an answer to.

“How are single father’s viewed in South Korea?”

I asked people that lived there and even set up the question on Answers.com. Nothing. I just couldn’t find the answer to this single, nagging question. So how do you answer an unanswerable question? Through simple, old school experience.

So, now my goal is to basically be a guinea pig in my own experiment. My main focus will be how I am treated and the experiences I come across raising a daughter on my own. I’ll deviate into other areas as well, however. The country and culture. Places we visit. Her adventures in learning how to be a functioning creature of society. My adventures learning how to talk to women. Even my stupid little ideas and reviews of things. Variety for everyone! Yay!

Hopefully this blog will become something useful/informative for someone if not a lot of people.


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YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/GoingFartherhood
Twitter: @goinfartherhood; https://twitter.com/#!/GoinFartherhood