Well, we’ve recently begun potty training and it’s going swimmingly.

She spends most of her time running around naked and sitting on her potty, but she hasn’t pissed anywhere but there and, occasionally, her pull-ups for over a week now.

At first she was having trouble with it getting all over the floor, but she’s figured that out.

The only thing we’re having difficulty with currently is, for some… I can’t even think of the proper term… She plays in her piss.

What the hell is that?

She’ll step in it and put her toys in the pot… no other kid does this, but there she is…

She’ll grow out of it someday, but it’s still mind-boggling.

There’s got to be some sort of mental process that factors this into her behavior since she’s always had a problem with taking off her diaper at night and painting her bedroom walls with shit. And, despite having no friends who have had this problem with their children, it’s apparently common enough to be marked with a cutesy little title for the toddler in question.

“S/He’s our little poocasso…”

I guess it can’t be that rare.

Either way… whenever she learns what embarassment is, I’m sure she’ll stop. Until then… Lysol is my friend.